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6 years old - 11 years old 



Non- Members 

If you are not a current Member at our Project, we do offer DROP- IN classes for dancers within the community. 

NO Registration Fee

NO Monthly Commitment 

$10.00/ class 

Come when your schedule allows 

Classes not listed as DROP- IN available are not open to the public and are specifically for our Members Only. 

From January 2024- May 2024 we do NOT offer ANY Drop-In classes for the public. Our focus during these months is with our Competitive Program and their needs during their Competitive Season. Once we open back up to the public you'll be the first to know. 

Member Only Classes 

Team Technique Classes 

We believe dancers should be allowed to access the level of training that best applies to the needs of them and/or their families. We also understand and believe the level of training a dancer receives is indicative and parallels their overall success as a dancer. We do have requirements for how many hours a dancers trains weekly, how many hours of competition rehearsals they need weekly, and how to balance all of this proportionate to their age. 


Class Offerings 



Jazz Fusion 


Contemporary Fusion 

Hip Hop 

Musical Theatre



Flexibility/ Strength/ Conditioning 


For more information, pricing, details on the Competitive Program we have here at our Project for dancers aged 6 years old - 11 years old please contact us 

Text/Call: (309) 533-4342


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