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The Full Story


The Studio Project was established in December of 2021 as a Private- Member  Only Competitive Dance Training Center; giving its members and the community access to industry level training, education, and experiences. Through Master Classes, Guest Artist Residencies, and Professionally Educated Instructors our curriculum is designed for dancers to excel within as a result of their access to higher levels of thinking, approaches, and methodologies. 



To provide dancers within the community access to industry level experiences, training, and education. Through our comprehensive and cutting edge approach we provide the necessary and fundamental tools to become a successful competitive dancer. 



We are passionate about helping to shape the youth of today, into the professionals of tomorrow; whether those professions are within the dance industry, or elsewhere, we hope the lessons, experience, and education provided by our Project help to cultivate the next generation of movers and shakers, thinkers and do-ers.

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