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Competition Calendar

Listed Below are the competitions we attended in 2023/2024, and while our schedule changes slightly from year to year,  these are the competitions you can anticipate attending.  We believe the balance, diversity, level of education, and experiences that these competitions provide is what truly helps to seaparate the dancers within our program vs other competitive programs in Central Illinois. 

2023 / 2024 Regional Competitions Attended


24 Seven ( Optional )




Positive Vibes ( Optional ) 

Precision Arts 


Nationals & Additional Performance Opportunities

Every Summer our competitive dancers head to a National Dance Competition as a team where they compete their solos, duet/trios, and group dances. Listed below are the Nationals we have attended as The Studio Project: 

Radix-- Las Vegas 2022

The Dance Awards-- Orlando 2023

The Dance Awards-- Orlando 2024

Additional Performance Opportunities include 2  Studio Showcases; Winter and Summer where the community is invited inside our transformed space for an evening/afternoon of cocktail parties and performances. 

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