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My name is Jessica Matthews and I am the Owner of The Studio Project located in Bloomington, Illinois.


 I opened the doors to The Studio Project in December of 2021 with a vision to provide the community a unique competitive dance program that had access to industry level education, training, approaches, and methodologies. I grew up in the Chicagoland area dance scene where I had access to a multidimensional dance education upbringing because of the exposure to professional level training from a very young age. Here in Bloomington / Normal children don't have the accessibility to the opportunities I had as a young child, and I saw an opportunity to provide something completely unique to this community that has never been done before.

There are a multitude of Dance Studios in this area, all serving their purpose and needs to the community at large. There is room for everyone in the Bloomington / Normal dance scene, and every dance studio is a wonderful opporutniy for the youth and adolescent dancers in the area to find a home that best suits their individualized needs. The Studio Project enters the Bloomington / Normal dance scene as a Private- Member Only Competitive Dance Studio which is something completely unique, different, and special to our area that has not been done before. 

We are not a recreational based dance studio, and our focus is for the Competitive and/or Conservatory Level dancer ages 6 years old to 18 years old. The education provided by our program is tailored specifically for dancers interested in Competitive Dance or Conservatory Level Training. We provide our dancers the access to Guest Artist Residencies, Master Class Experiences, higher levels of thinking / training / education, and industry experiences that are different from other studios within the area. We are backed by Professionals within the dance world, and our Staff comes highly trained with degrees, accompishments, and notoriety in their fields. We have a reputation of greatness, and we would LOVE to take your dancer on an incredible dance journey they will never forget.

A common misconception about our Program is dancers have to be extremely proficient and gifted to join our program. False. We meet dancers where they are at technically and artistically and we give them the education, training, and experiences that transforms their dancing in a matter of weeks.  We do not expect dancers who walk through our doors to be a STAR, because we know they already are. . . we are here to provide them guidance, direction, and proper training so the star we already know they are will begin to SHINE brilliantly. 

We have a motto around here that we are "cool people doing cool things", and we have never not embodied that exact sentiment and/ or motto. From our costuming to our choreography you are part of something that is meticulosuly crafted, and is rooted in style, grace, and an edginess that is often copied but can never be duplicated. 

We are The Studio Project where we manifest it, dream it, believe it, and achieve it, and we KNOW our program is what can transform you overnight if you have the courage to allow it. 

See you at our Project. Its time. And we've been waiting for you. 


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