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You're ready to become a member of The Studio Project but you need more information? Great, you have clicked on the right button and we're ready to talk about making the BEST decision of your dance training

We are a program that can be tailored to individual needs. We believe dancers should be allowed to access the level of training that best applies to the needs of them and/or their families. We also understand and believe the level of training a dancer receives is indicative and parallels their overall success as a dancer. We do have requirements for how many hours a dancer trains weekly, how many hours of competition rehearsals they need weekly, and how to balance all of this proportionate to their age. 

The Studio Project’s Competitive Dance Program dancers will be given the necessary fundamental tools to become a successful competitive dancer. Their foundation is what will determine their future, and their future comes from their foundation. A strong foundation builds a strong future, and here at The Studio Project, we pride ourselves in the fundamental knowledge we give to our students. We have what we consider the “secret recipe” in turning young dancers into confident, talented, gifted, and successful individuals which then extends throughout their career as a dancer, and beyond. Many of our students have gone on to study dance at the Collegiate level, and all of our dancers who have done so have earned Collegiate dance scholarships into their respective Universities. Dance. It's our passion. It's our project. And we can't wait for your child to become one of our competitive dancers.

For more detailed information please contact us: or text/call (309- 533 - 4342) 


A common misconception about our program is that dancers have to be extremely gifted and proficient in dance to join our team, and that we spend a TON of hours in the Studio. FALSE. We meet dancers where they are at and give them the necessary tools to become successful dancers and individuals.  We also DO NOT spend a ton of hours in the studio. 

Dancers have a mandatory ONCE A WEEK night of classes they have to attend and beyond that their training is at their discretion. We take a one month break in December - January. We take a one week break after every dance competition. And we take a one month break from July - August. These scheduled breaks allow the dancer to mentally and physically rest which is vital to healthy and happy individuals and dancers. 

We want every dancer to experience The Studio Project level of excellence and to understand that we are a passionate group of dancers who just want everyone to experience and excel through dance as we have. Our dancers cheer for one another, put each other before their own needs, and become life long friends. The community we have built here is REAL, is DIFFERENT than anywhere else, and is UNPARALLELED in our approaches to training, education, and success. 

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